Local Programs

Programs exist in the following areas:

Atlanta, GA 
   St. Theresa's Catholic Church,  Douglasville, GA
   Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm (includes daily mass)
   Contact: Karen Gorzynski, 770-876-2362 or kdgorzynski@gmail.com
   Meets Tuesdays 8:30-11:45AM
   Contact the director at pilarxps@gmail.com.
Charlotte, NC
   St. Patrick's Cathedral 
   Meets Wednesdays, August through April
   Preceded and followed by Mass
   Formerly met in York, SC on Thursdays
   Contact the director, Megan, at mkw@comporium.net
Warrenton, VA
   St. Peter Catholic Church

   Contact the director at juspeachy@comcast.net
DesMoines, IA
    All Saints Catholic Church

    Daily Mass at 8AM
    Meets Tuesdays from 8:45-12 with optional afternoon activities/clubs from 12:45-2:30
    Look for the upcoming article on Catholic Schoolhouse in the Catholic Mirror!
    Contact the director at mcortlandt@hotmail.c​om
Front Royal, VA
   Contact the director at tedandnaomi@gmail.com

   Visit our blog at http://www.catholicschoolhouseva.com/
Panama City, FL
   St. Dominic Catholic Church
   Meets Tuesdays
   Contact the Director at mlsanger@bellsouth.net

Potential Programs - Contact us if you're interested at catholicschoolhouse@gmail.com.
Columbus, OH
Chattanooga, TN
Steubenville, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Peoria, IL
Houston, TX
Fairbault, MN
Wichita, KS

Champaign, IL

Introductory Director's Packet, which gives you a detailed idea of how to begin.  The Detailed Director's Packet, Art and Science Programs are provided to the directors of fully registered programs.  Contact us if you have any questions, are ready to join the Director's Forum, or would like to register your program.

Still trying to decide?  Drop us an
e-mail, we'd be happy to discuss the program with you.  We can even give you a call if you prefer to talk in person.  Just leave us your number.
Starting a Catholic Schoolhouse Community is a great way to bring all the benefits of a one-room schoolhouse to your children.  Its easy with our step-by-step guidelines.  If you would like to direct such a program, preview our


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this just like a Co-op?  No.  Catholic Schoolhouse is a tuition paying program with trained parent-tutors.  Think like piano lessons, or gymnastics.  This has many benefits.  Because the tutors are trained and compensated, they do not mind dedicating the time necessary for good preparation. Parents who don't feel called to lead a class or are reluctant to make another commitment with their time aren't required to do so to be part of the program. While the tutors lead the children in their memory all teaching and mastery of the material is up to the parent.

Is Catholic Schoolhouse a drop-off program? No.  Catholic Schoolhouse is parent involved at all times.  Parents spend the morning observing in their student's class, and assisting the tutor when necessary. Observation is a powerful experience that unifies the families and brings everybody to the same page.  As an observer you pick up great tips that can be used to reinforce the memory work at home, as well as ideas to use in other areas.

What do parents do while their children are in class?  Parents can simply observe the class noting teaching techniques, how their child interacts with his peers, or even discovering some different resources.  Parents are required to be in their student's class room. Parents with more than one student can rotate between their children's classrooms.

How do we find a meeting place?   The easiest way is to start with your own church - just ask!  Since my church has a school that utilizes the facilities during the day, I checked with local libraries, recreation centers, and other churches.  We even considered a friend's basement at one point!  A nearby Catholic church turned out to be the perfect solution for our program.

I don't know very many homeschool families, where do I start?  By placing ads with local homeschool accountability organisations, homeschool support groups, and in church bulletins.  One ad can be e-mailed to many groups very easily. 

How many families do I need to have a successful program?  The program could easily be done with two to three families; however, more families offer a variety of peers and allow for more age groups.  It really depends on the number of children.

I already have a co-op.  Can my whole co-op do Catholic Schoolhouse?  Of course!  As long as the co-op members understand the philosophy, a great group can be formed. 

My church requires us to have liability insurance.  Where can I get this?  Currently, Catholic Schoolhouse can offer insurance to groups in certain states for a good rate.  Contact us when starting your group for more details - we would love to share this hard-learned expertise!

Who tutors the students?  Parents or other interested individuals (such as a supportive family member or church member) act as the tutors for the program.  Prior to tutoring, they are trained in key areas such as classroom behavior, academic preparations and expectations.  They also meet regularly for planning and idea sharing.

What about all the little ones?  Catholic families tend to be large.  A nursery and pre-school are a necessary part of our program.

Do middle and high school students have a place in Catholic Schoolhouse?  Yes! These are some of the years when regular peer contact can be a real blessing.  They meet with their age group while the younger children are with their tutors. The goal is to help meet their needs in the dialectic stage of learning.  We offer an expanded afternoon program in partnership with the Rolling Acres School.

Do you offer tutor training?  Yes! Local directors have been given information for a tutor training program. Also, A tutor training program is being set up in South Carolina during July. Contact us for more information.

What exactly is the cost?

This "Cost to Join" chart shows all costs, except materials.  Remember, that directors and tutors are paid to work in the program and that all supplies are provided for the students.  Tutors and directors are compensated based on the size of the program.  We tell tutors that they can expect to make about $500 per year. 

The "Cost Breakdown" chart spells out exactly what it would cost to participate for scenarios with 1-8 children.

Refunds are not offered.  Directors divide all money they collect to pay for their tutors and facility.  Little to none remains as "seed money" or a buffer for families that find it doesn't fit their homeschool style.  Talk to your director before registration if you are hesitant to commit for the entire year.