We feel a serious approach to academics helps raise the bar for our homeschool families. Rhetoric students leave the Tour Guide; however the content covered in their class is still connected to the Tour Guide to encourage family cohesiveness.

Typical Schedule for Rhetoric (High School) Students 

8:45 - 9:30     Music (Chorus, Band, or Orchestra)
9:30 - 10:15     Art (Project & History)
10:15 - 12:00         "Mind of the West" Integrated History Program
     including history, literature, and philosophy
     emphasizing discussion and composition.
     Offered in partnership with R.A.S.

  • Subjects for each year and stage coordinate with the Tour Guide to unite the family in studies.  
  • The Morning with an Expert program should take place once each quarter.  See home page for more details.
  • Optional Afternoon Opportunity: Language Mastery Program involving the formal study of logic and rhetoric as well as argumentative composition and debate. Offered in partnership with R.A.S.
Scope and Sequence
Year 1Year 2Year 3
ReligionCatechism, Bible, & SaintsCatechism, Bible, & SaintsCatechism, Bible, & Saints
HistoryU.S HistoryCreation to Medieval TimesMiddles Ages to Present Day
GeographyU.S, Central & North AmericaEurope & AsiaAustralia, South America, Africa, Antarctica
ScienceZoology, Weather, Anatomy, Electricity & MagnetismBotany, Chemistry, Space, Sound & LightEcology, Geology, Physics, Nutrition & Health
Classical LanguagesPrayers (Prima Latina)Conjugations & Declensions (Latina Christiana)Greek & Latin Vocabulary (English from the Roots Up)
MusicBach, Beethoven, Sousa, GershwinMusic Theory (Recorder)Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Strauss
ArtAmerican ArtAncient - Middle Age ArtRenaissance - Modern Art
Math*skip counting, rectangles, properties, length conversionsskip counting, circles, metric conversions, roman numeralsparts of speech, sentence structure, word usage
Language Arts*parts of speech, sentence structure, word usageparts of speech, sentence structure, word usageparts of speech, sentence structure, word usage
  • Art includes two featured artists per quarter with weekly projects relating to their works or style.
  • Music begins each day, and one drama is performed each year.
  • * Complete math and language arts curricula of your choice must be used at home.