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Catholic Schoolhouse is a homeschool program that gives homeschool families the opportunity to enrich their homeschool by coming together once a week in a classroom environment. All children at all ages have a place--studying the same topics, just at their level.  This program is more than a day out of the house.  It will help bring structure and cohesiveness to your entire school.  Read on to find out how Catholic Schoolhouse can bless your family....

Benefits to Kids
Children in Catholic Schoolhouse develop relationships with other homeschooled children.  Because of the dependable contact, our kids have done much more that just become friends.  Here are some examples we've witnessed:
  • Positive peer pressure to study harder.  May I learn cursive, the other girls all write in cursive.  --Therese, 2nd grade   
  • Studying the same topics as their friends allows sharing of newly acquired knowledge.  After our geology unit several 3rd graders formed their own rock collecting club. 
  • Students inspire one another.  Joe and Tyler regularly share books they are reading, now many of their classmates are inspired.  
  • Giving oral presentations.  Mark was extremely shy, and now, with the encouragement from his peers and tutor, he is able to effectively give a presentation. 
  • Challenge one another.  The students notice, and reach for, the quality of work of the other students. 
  • Chorus - Singing in a group is a source of joy for the children.
  • Playground Time.  Kids like to have fun--and look forward to this.   
  • Band, Speech or Debate.  Older kids get new opportunities to expand their experiences.
Benefits to Parents 
Parents in Catholic Schoolhouse develop relationships as well.  With their entire families using the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour Guide, parents share much and inspire one another. The Tour Guide leads your family on an organized journey through the elementary years.  Benefits include:
  • Add structure to your homeschool while facilitating family togetherness 
  • Sharing resources and ideas with other families
  • Observing new teaching techniques
  • Cohesiveness--all members of the family use the same Tour Guide
  • Trust that you are using a Catholic program
  • Opportunities for activities that are better in a group, such as drama
  • Speaking opportunities for your children
  • Takes pressure off your busy days by covering art
  • Science experiments
  • Mom's/Dad's night out 
  • Field Trips 
  • Playground Time - all your playdays fit concisely together! 
We believe education is a journey not a race.  Our Tour Guide is a journey through the elementary years...

Structure of our day 
We meet once a week for three hours.  We begin each day with chorus, morning prayers, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  After this we break into classes of 6-10 children based on age and development.  Elementary tutors use the Tour Guide (memory items) to introduce the children to the weekly topics with a variety of fun activities, songs, writing, drawing, Montessori techniques, stories, and games.  During this time the children learn to raise their hands, take turns, and address one another respectfully. The topics introduced provide a framework and great springboards for further study at home at well as hooks on which the students hang future learning.  Exposure to the classical music at snack time rounds out the morning.

Middle and high school students are given additional opportunities through the Dialectic and Rhetoric programs offered in conjunction with Rolling Acres School. In addition to the dialectic activities, middle schoolers briefly review the topics in the Tour Guide as a last review before moving on to high school. Older students study topics related to the Tour Guide in more depth maintaining family cohesiveness in studies.  Additionally, middle and high school students continue to study music and art with Catholic Schoolhouse at a deeper level.

Art and science class gives students the chance to be with a specially prepared tutor for 30 minutes for more detailed art instruction and science experiments. This also gives the tutors time to regroup and stay fresh and enthusiastic all morning.  After class we have playtime, with social time for the parents.  Older students may choose to join the afternoon program if it is offered for your group.

We have a comprehensive art program available to registered programs.  Each year we cover eight great masters that correspond to the historical time period being studied. Year one begins U.S. history with the study of early Americans and the art includes Native American Sand Art followed  by making and painting pottery. See the materials overview for a list of artists covered.  Each year we also cover the seven elements of art, art techniques, and use a variety of media.

Science experiments focus on the hands on and messy!  These correspond with the memory work, while also working to develop observation and scientific skills.  We measure with graduated cylinders, pour with beakers, test acids, build circuits, launch rockets, and look at microscopic life--all made easier by the pooled resources of a Catholic Schoolhouse program.

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Program Directors Needed
So, you've read all the information, and Catholic Schoolhouse sounds like just the thing your family needs. Catholic families like yours have asked if there is a program in their area.  Won't you consider directing a new Catholic Schoolhouse program?

Catholic Schoolhouse families pay tuition of $50 per child per quarter (to their local director) to be in the program. This results in a greater level of dedication and stability than is typical of a free co-op. The director is then able to provide a high quality program consistently year after year. The $65 registration fee per family (not child) allows the director access to everything they need to run the program. By directing or tutoring in a program, you can help to offset the tuition costs for your family.  If you have no desire or energy for leading you can relax, because you pay tuition you know you are contributing to the program in a valuable way.

Please contact us if you'd like more information.  We hope to get it all on this site soon but need your patience--we have families too!  Sharing this is our hope to bless others with what God has given us. We'd love to have you join us on our journey.

Megan and Kathy
803 327-5330