Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revised: Psalm 23 ASL

Here are several revised videos of gestures for Psalm 23.  At the request of tutors for the older students, I'm using exclusively signs from ASL - no simple gestures.  Using these signs with all ages of students makes it easy to review at home.  If some are too difficult for the youngest students, omit one or two and focus on the key words.  Above each week's memory verse, I'm listing the words that I'm signing.  The site Signing Savvy is very helpful for seeing a clear demonstration of individual words.

Psalm    2   3   Lord   Shepherd   I   not   want

He    Makes    Lie    Pastures (fields)    He     Leads    Beside    Water   

He   Soul   He    Leads    Paths   Righteousness    His    Name  

Even though    I    Walk    Valley   Death   I   Fear   No   Evil   Thy (He)   Rod    Thy (He)   staff   comfort

Thou    table   in the presence of  enemies    Thou    head   cup   overflows

Goodness    mercy    follow   days    life   dwell   house   Lord   forever
Please note that, like many other languages, ASL is not sequenced like English.  We're just using ASL gestures here to expose children to some signing vocabulary as well as to aid them in memorizing this Bible verse.


  1. These are too dark to see and I can barely hear.

  2. "I shall not want" doesn't mean we don't want God. It means we don't need anything else but God. We lack for nothing.