Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our music program consists of three elements:  chorus, music appreciation, and music theory.  Our middleschoolers have started band as part of their morning.

Because we believe music enriches everyone's lives we start each day with a short chorus period.  It is fun to watch the children learn old standbys and fun childhood songs.

Our featured composers correspond with the time period being studied.  It's so cute to hear your three-year old singing the Hallelujah chorus as you work with your older kids at home!

During year two, the kids get an introduction to music notation by learning to play the recorder with songs from the Nine Note Recorder Method.

Performance of "The Boy Who Cried, 'Wolf'"

Sometimes, our chorus songs become material for our bi-annual family gatherings.  Other times, we have the kids perform a drama, like the one pictured.

Coming up next.... Singing "Kum-ba-yah" with our study of African geography, a review of our national anthem, and appreciating Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.  Looks like my family will be listening to that Music Masters CD in the car each week as we head to Catholic Schoolhouse!

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  1. I am looking forward to working with the middle school band students this year - it should be a wonderful experience for all!

    Don't forget to purchase the Essential Elements 2000 method book for the instrument your child will be playing and a folding music stand.

    If you need to rent an instrument I would suggest checking with Music & Arts or Howren Music in Charlotte. (Don't wait too late to do this.)

    Also, if you have an old family instrument your child will be using, I recommend taking it to one of the above music stores for a cleaning and/or adjustment prior to the start of school. Having an instrument that functions well will give your child a higher rate of success.

    S. Maxwell